6 Zone Wellbeing Programme

What is the most important thing you want for your health?

More energy, no aches and pains, better digestion, a healthy heart, good mental health, feeling more motivated or being happy?

Most of us want all of those things and more. For the best of us life’s demands get in the way or we struggle to find the ‘right’ solution or treatment for our health.

The 6 Zone Wellbeing Programme was developed by Naturopath Rumana Zahn. Having worked with some of the most chronic conditions in clinic where people’s health had broken down, she worked through helping people put back their health through simple tools that are essential in the healing of mind and body in the modern day world.

The 6 Zones

In order to succeed in creating health and also a happy and fulfilling life Rumana states there are 6 levels one must give attention to:

In order to thrive and feel well each of aspects of our wellbeing are addressed in these zones.


What does the Programme involve?

Within each zone you will be taken through learning about how to enhance your health and life, what gets in the way and how to overcome some of your obstacles.

You will be guided by Rumana within the videos and encouraged to work through your own learning in depth with various exercises in your workbooks.

Sometimes we never get to work through or listen to those aspects of ourselves that block us or that need attention and Rumana has a way of helping us look inside of ourselves to change that which may be causing us ill health.

You also have the choice of working one to one via a Personal Consultation.

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"Expressing my true self and owning my state of wellbeing. Being natural and getting healthy is a part of my life."

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